40 Meter Luxury Yacht For Sale

Recovery restyling of an Indonesian cargo vessel built entirely of iron wood and teak solid wood totally recycled or protected forests and planned activities.

The project is designed only to give life to something really different from the usual yacht. The boat has been totally redesigned, giving life to a project that we like to call eco/luxury as they have been used only local materials and fine.

Dragoon has been developed in such a way as to evoke mirroring and rigor,
strength and elegance. Inside, six suites are designed with your comfort and home automation technology.

Dragoon130 Superyacht Idea start when Sergio Supino and Pietro Rizzuti (two Italian friends architects) have decided to transform a Cargo Ship Indonesian (Phinisi) were built out of kayu ulin (iron wood) from Kalimantar in an Exclusive Yacht, the only one of its kind that would have different functions is becoming a

Daily Cruise and a Party Boat where you can organize private and public events.
The two designers have always imagined as a Club on the Move, where the music, service and entertainment were to become the distinctive feature.

Sergio had ever since he promised his dying father, Francesco (a keen sailor), that he would build the most beautiful boat imaginable. After having bought the boat from a Cargo Company in Bira (Southeast Sulawesi) after having already loaded the wood that was used for the transformation, she left with Pietro and the original crew of the vessel to Lombok, facing a 4 day trip by adapting the original main hall in a beautiful suite complete with bathroom and all the accessories. During the crossing, after taking all the measures, they began the project of transformation and defining a contour line exactly identical to that then made. After a few months past them, completely removing all upper floors and after realizing the new structure, given the difficulty of finding in Lombok building materials, tools and the workers decided it was time to bring the boat in Benoa Harbour (Bali).

In Benoa there are many different kinds of sea-going vessels, including one of those white fiberglass super yachts with all its baubles and bits, but one boat blows the others out of the water. Its aesthetic is simultaneously somewhat familiar and really, really .. unusual – a coalescence of classic, and ultra modern sleek. Combine a sea-going cultural classic with contemporary composition a functional aesthetic balance between two very different parts of the world.

This is a party boat, friends …for 120 and plus passengers. The added structure made from hefty pieces of teak, an awful lot of fiberglass, a stripped down, fully equipped, cockpit – which is the only feature visible on the upper deck – and a Jacuzzi swimming pool. Below decks we find the expansive bar/galley area that contains two long bars and a plethora of upholstered bar stools. There’s the adjoining entertainment lounge with a huge flat-screen and a Bose sound system – a system that provides the vibes throughout Dragoon…a name that is steeped in military history, and that also relates to the Komodo island.

Downstairs are six air conditioned cabins — all with en – suite bathrooms – that are kitted out in luxurious fashion with the latest electronic gizmos, and all the things a person could wish for in a bit of R&R on the high seas.

They were meticulous in every aspect of Dragoon’s design, and the subtle lighting in the public areas is no exception. The light emanates from behind rich wood panelling below deck. And up top the curvaceous party zone transforms in the evening with soft LCD pastels that turn the deck into a venue that one might find on land in Rome, London or Paris…

Technical Specifications:
Lenght: 130ft (40m)
Max Widht: 25ft (10m)
Engine: 380hp (385cv)
MaxSpeed: 10 marine knods
Autonomy: 600NM (1110km)
Materials: iron & teak wood
Jacuzzi Pool
6 Cabins with private bath
2 Guest’s Bathroom
OpenBar and Kitchen
Cinema Room
Total Passengers: 125 max
Crew: 7

Price: USD 450.000