Ara People : The Tribe that Build Phinisi : Konjos Tribe of Bulukumba

The Bugis people from the village of Ara in the region Bulukumba, often also called Ara person listed as the Bugis boat makers are skilled. They not only make the boat to find fish or bernelayan needs, but also for transportation. In fact, a big boat to trade, such as the dilakoni Sawerigading yore.

Because of this, the Bugis boat has many varieties and sizes. From large to small. Uniquely, the boats have a distinctive name, such Pajjala, Banggo or Sandek. Later, type Phinisi more so-called typical Bugis boat.

Beyond the historical record and philosophical messages, tribal bugis and also other tribes on the island of Sulawesi, known to be close to the myth. In fact, the skills to make the boat people in this Bulukumba region is often associated with myth.

Sahibul saga, when the boats were destroyed in the waters belonging Sawerigading Tanjung Bira, Bulukumba, the screen is stranded on the island of Bira. While flake hull boat stranded in the village of Ara. In the end, Tanjung Bira became the birthplace of the sailors are tough. And until recently, the sailors from Tanjung Bira has spread almost to the entire archipelago. While the village of Ara become village birth skilled boat makers.

Proved up to now along the coast Tana Beru, Bulukumba, still enlivened by a variety of boat building activity. They serve orders not only from domestic but also overseas.

Muslim Hajj Baso actually comes from the village of Ara. However, during the last twenty years, he was actually residing in the village of Tana Beru. There, he learned to make the boat since the age of 16 years. And at the age of 21 years, he has been able to be a retainer of a boat building. No wonder, if this time he did not know the exact number of boats that have been finished.

That light, he has a lot to make the boat to a stranger. As a result Bugis boat also has spread to other countries as the porters boat or tour boat. Similarly, at this time. Motor boat that was dilarungkan into the sea that was the order of a non-governmental organizations (NGOs), foreigner. He and his sahinya make the boat since six months ago.

The story of greatness with shipping Sawerigading Bugis Bugis boats such as exposure in the codex La Galigo proved not merely fiction. You see, anyone can now see the legacy of expertise and skills handed down by their ancestors Bugis in Tana Beru, Bulukumba.

Apart from pride, the Bugis people actually read the ancient literature of exposure in La Galigo. Especially those dealing with marine symbols boat as the teaching of life. Exactly like the Bugis philosophy of life.

Finally, “the baby” was born into the world, while accompanied by tug relieved breath “mother”. This means a Bugis boat has been in the high seas. So the duty of the retainer and the sahi ended. Struggle for about six months along with a three-day process pelarungan seemed full paid. Ie, it float Bugis boat.

So, the story of the Bugis boat maker ends with joy. And once again the Muslim Hajj Baso established himself as one of the Bugis people. And not only skillfully made the traditional boat, he also managed to prove the greatness of his ancestors who have a long history in the sea.

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