Phinisi Nusantara : Buginese Boat Legend when to Northern America

Phinisi Nusantara is a traditional sailboat from Bugis, made by Bugis craftmanship. The sailboat was purposely made to participate in an international exhibition in Vancouver, Canada in 1986.

In the movie Titanic described how technologically advanced steamers in his time was sinking after hitting an iceberg in the middle Atlantic Ocean and claimed many lives. Meanwhile, Phinisi traditional ship passengers who were stranded on the island archipelago Coral Musi, Thousand Islands, on Sunday (15 / 9) all survived. Phinisi has ever managed to cross the Pacific Ocean the plan would bring joy sailing students in Secondary Schools (SMU) as DKI Jakarta recognize the sea. Ship tour on the date of 13 September 2002 even 16-year-old it and will be celebrated at next week stranded in the waters rock carried away by the wind.

Until recently, he was still submerged waiting for help from anyone who cares to him. With a half-hull ship stuck on the reef, deck helter skelter, the front mast (fore sail) screens floating on the water and Jib is torn and the silence in the fog that gripped, This is how the traditional sailing ship which is currently Phinisi Nusantara This is still aground.

Towards VancouverIf we look backward for a moment of history, this vessel successfully make its maiden voyage across the Pacific Ocean toward Vancouver, Canada, July 9, 1986 ago. In the harbor Marine Plaza, Phinisi archipelago was visited by many from the Vancouver community.

Traditional boat is in great demand by visitors for vessel made of wood it bravely crossed the ocean A terrifying Pacific.

At that time, people visit Vancouver to Phinisi archipelago each pretty busy day, an average of about 3,000 people. The peak at 21 September 1986, the ship was visited by approximately 25,000 visitors. Vancuover own community also has a maritime history of the old and continually maintained and diligently, thus, the presence of sailboats like Phinisi archipelago which has an international reputation certainly get a warm welcome.

However, the interest to buy this boat was not great. Even after one week Phinisi Nusantara moored at Marine Plaza, yet there is a bid was coming. Central committee who were in Jakarta, Minister of Finance JB Sumarlin EXPO ’86 as well as the person in charge of Indonesia, took steps to collect the American Oil Consortium in Indonesia for Phinisi buy Archipelago and donated to an agency or marine-related foundations.

Also, at first the ship was also projected to participate in the international arena on the theme of EXPO ’86 “World in Motion, World in Touch” and after attending the show then the ship will be submitted to the Institute of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego (UCSD). But in fact authorized official representing the University, namely Dr. Donald J Raidt not yet willing to sign the script before handover There is no certainty for Phinisi Nusantara renovated first so that they meet U.S. Bureau of Classification Standard (American Bureau of Shipping) and this are constrained by the cost, which is around $ 500,000 U.S..


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