Unique Phinisi Indonesia Sailing Boat from South Sulawesi of Indonesia

No one can deny that the world’s most unique boat Phinisi this, why could that be?, For the start of the search process until the process of making wooden boats full Phinisi to uniqueness.

Phinisi boat building is not arbitrary, begun from the cuts in full, traditional ceremonies for the embryo has begun to ship Phinisi boat ready to lower the sea.

does not stop until here, first voyage until the next cruise is always preceded with a traditional ceremony accompanied with a special prayer, the goal is for these boats can go back again, for anyone in this world who have a boat do not want the boat sinking, so the boat always prayed , this according to trust the experts at tanahberu Phinisi boat maker who is a center for boat building Phinisi in Indonesia.

Phinisi boat building is unique, cutting begins in full by panrita Lopi (panrita Lopi: boat or head master craftsman). only then the board one by one Phinisi assembled into a boat, after the board form a semi-finished, then later frame in the chain to follow the shape and curve of the board who had already been installed.

Manufacturing process was not using a particular image as a benchmark, but the process of making boat Phinisi formed on the basis of the feeling of the original poster, maybe you have very often see the process of making a didahuluai boat boat-making framework, and then make the board one by one, but in your tanahberu will see the opposite.

Another uniqueness of the process of boat building in tanahberu Phinisi is, that the whole body of the boat does not use iron nails to glue the planks to each other, as well as between body and frame, all of them do not use iron nails., Then what is in use to glue the , between body and board a boat?. Among used to glue the board or body of the boat and the frame is wood scraps to make a boat Phinisi.

Source: http://www.phinisi-boat.tk

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